2014 Student-Created Quotes

2014 Submit-A-Quote Winners

1st Place
Don’t make fun of others.
God didn’t laugh when he made you.
>Flor Galindo<
4th Grade, Salinas Elementary, SBCUSD

2nd Place
The darkness is how you follow,
the light is how you lead.
>Alana Allard<
4th Grade, Seneca Elementary, MVUSD

3rd Place
It is not easy to do something,
but it feels better to have accomplished it.
>Saida Diaz<
6th Grade, Norton Elementary, SBCUSD

Honorable Mentions

“Our secret weapon are our minds”
Kyler Dorsey, Salinas Elementary

“If you gain a little,
save it up and you will earn something big.”
Ivan Jimenez. Seneca Elementary

“God gave me feet,
so I decided to walk them toward my dreams.”
Natalia Prandini, Seneca Elementary

“Those who sleep through life
will awaken to failure.”
Adrew Almada, Salinas Elementary

Documentary Part I: SCIPP Poetry Project




What do you get when you mix wild kids,
wilder parents,
wilder-er grad students,
and the wildest-est teachers & prof?

Obviously problems with
the comparative and superlative,
but also a recipe
for a new type of learning!


Special thanks to Alex Avila,
the media mastermind
behind it all.





Daaaaaaaw: Cutest Little Girl Laughs at Your Demise




Let’s get one thing straight.

The End of Days will come in three forms:


1.  Trans fats

2.  Primary students

3.  Zombies


In that order.


Sure, you might say, “Q, how on earth can a small child be the end of civilization?!”

Believe it or not.  I dare you.

But your days of sitting on your laurels and living vicariously through reality TV are numbered, my bonbon-eating friend.


Case in point: This rarely seen footage of a small child showing her maniacal laugh.  Proof positive that no one in their right mind teaches kindergarten.


All I am saying, is buy fencing.

A lot of fencing.

And candy.