Recipe Lesson Plans™

Quips™ is a twice-a-week after school program that provides intervention lessons for at-risk and high achieving students in addition to school-site preparation for the annual Quotationals Quote Bee competition.  The Quips curriculum focuses on using quotes to: (1) expose students to a variety of authors, written works, viewpoints, and discussion topics; (2) create discourse in school and at home to foster a culture of intellectual communication; and (3) provide bite-sized units of information to promote higher-level thinking in addition to understanding frequent test items such as metaphor and symbolism.

The benefits include the following:

  • Two 1-hour sessions with day one focusing on a quote-based intervention lesson and day two a practice mini-quotation bee
  • Lessons utilize quotes to expand and flex student understanding through Cultural Circles and creative assignments that utilize reading, writing, and reflection
  • Recipe Lesson Plans™ that make teaching simple and easy for teachers, families, and tutors
  • A CST-aligned pre and post test to measure student growth (including released CST test questions)
  • An archive of 300 selected quotes for use in lessons and mini-competitions designed for easy memorization and analytical discussions
  • The Quotationals Reflection Journal used for students to calculate and graph weekly growth, write interpretations of quotes, in addition to note-take and write about cultural circle topics
  • Organization structure of lessons and competitions including cultural circles, competition rules, and parent participation