Lexicongraphers are dreamy…



Yes, it is true.
I fancy the nerdy femme fatales.
How could you not?!

The glasses.
The nomenclature.
Their virtues as a scrabble partner…

But I digress!
This little tasty video is about words.
Beautiful words.
We all use them.
Make them.
Fear them.

But fret not!
You can control these terrifying teamings of phonemes.
You can even make up your own!


See?!, I just made one!:
PoopleDabble = n. little lies used by “experts” to justify their expertise.  Ronald used a fair amount of PoopleDabble to justify the $1o,ooo he spent on his teaching credential.

Double dactyl, yo.

So enjoy this video from Erin McKean (more like Erin McDreamy-wink, wink)
and expand all of our vocabularies by making new vocabulary.





Constitution Day Video



A video to accompany our lovely list
of Constitution Day quotations.

Yes, I am more patriotic
than you.

I own a powdered wig.
I also have a pet bald eagle
named Jorge Washington.
And about 50 mice all named
King George III.



The (un)American Dream: Knocking on Opportunity’s Door



“I don’t have talent.  I have tenacity.”
Henry Rollins.
Frontman for the (in)famous punk band Black Flag.

Americana at its best!
A story of dumb luck.
And seizing opportunity by the throat.
And the marriage betweenst the two…

“[My story] is a story of a lot of luck,
but taking advantage of opportunity
& working really d@#% hard.”

Ponder this:
How would education change
if tenacity was graded in instead
of ability?







A Teacher Must Do: Constitution Day Quotes & Lesson Ideas


It is true.
Carved in stone, written in law.
On Tuesday, September 17th
every educator is required
to address our most important document.

The US Constitution.

Yes, the classroom rules of the United States of America.

In need of lesson idears?
Below you will find a pdf of Constitution Day Quotes,
Common Core Standards addressed,
and some implementation ideas.



Constitution Day quotes.

Constitution Day quotes.


1.  Download the pdf of the quotes here and the aligned Common Core Standards here.
2.  Make copies and save the day for all the unprepared teachers.
3.  Put that poster maker to work and make a bulletin board.
4.  Research the links below and use the quotes to conduct a Socratic Seminar.
The quotes should lead your class discussion from colonial rebellion to independence to fear of new tyrannical rule to defining democracy.
5.  Encourage EVERYONE to read the Constitution.
Obvious, but rarely done.



Daaaaaaaw: Cutest Little Girl Laughs at Your Demise




Let’s get one thing straight.

The End of Days will come in three forms:


1.  Trans fats

2.  Primary students

3.  Zombies


In that order.


Sure, you might say, “Q, how on earth can a small child be the end of civilization?!”

Believe it or not.  I dare you.

But your days of sitting on your laurels and living vicariously through reality TV are numbered, my bonbon-eating friend.


Case in point: This rarely seen footage of a small child showing her maniacal laugh.  Proof positive that no one in their right mind teaches kindergarten.


All I am saying, is buy fencing.

A lot of fencing.

And candy.



Top 10s: Top 10 Latin Quotes





No better way to look smart

while confusing others.


Watch the video above,

read the list below,

or download your own copy here.



Top 10 Latin Quotes

List compiled by Q.



In vino veritas.

“There is truth in wine.”

>Pliny the Elder<



Si vis pacem, para bellum.

“If you wish for peace, prepare for war.”




  Bonis nocet quisquis malis perpercit.

“Whoever spares the bad injures the good.”

>Publius Syrus<



Homines quod volunt credunt.

“Men believe what they want to.”

>Julius Cesar<



Ne sutor supra crepidam.

“Shoemaker, not above the sandal.”




Fabas indulcet fames. 

“Hunger sweetens the beans.”



Philosophum non facit barba.

“The beard does not constitute a philosopher.”




Cineri gloria sera est.

“Glory paid to ashes comes too late.”




Dulce bellum inexpertis. 

“War is sweet for those who haven’t experienced it.”




Tempus edax rerum.

“Time devours all things.”



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The Biknic: Working Out Your Bike, Belly, & Mind


A family memory is a unique type of memory unto itself.  Celebrations, milestones, and routines are what tie families together and play a large role in how children define family in the future.

The Biknic is a simple activity that combines working your bike, belly, and mind to build a lasting tradition.






A.  Physical:  (1) Aerobic exercise resulting in burning off 500-1000 calories (depending on one’s rotundness); (2) Sampling of the Mediterranean Diet.

B.  Mental: (1) Defining and understanding circumference.  Specifically, its relation to linear length, diameter, and pi;  (2) Calculating distance in units of wheel rotation & solving how many times you will pedal on this trip..

C.  Familial:  (1) Developing a routine around family exercise;  (2) Bonding via food, new experiences,  biking culture, making fun of passersby, and academic discussion.