The Biknic: Working Out Your Bike, Belly, & Mind


A family memory is a unique type of memory unto itself.  Celebrations, milestones, and routines are what tie families together and play a large role in how children define family in the future.

The Biknic is a simple activity that combines working your bike, belly, and mind to build a lasting tradition.






A.  Physical:  (1) Aerobic exercise resulting in burning off 500-1000 calories (depending on one’s rotundness); (2) Sampling of the Mediterranean Diet.

B.  Mental: (1) Defining and understanding circumference.  Specifically, its relation to linear length, diameter, and pi;  (2) Calculating distance in units of wheel rotation & solving how many times you will pedal on this trip..

C.  Familial:  (1) Developing a routine around family exercise;  (2) Bonding via food, new experiences,  biking culture, making fun of passersby, and academic discussion.