An Original Poem by One of Our Students



By Tamara S., 10 years old


What is love

if you only want a pretty face?

What is love

if you don’t want the personality?

Is it the sunshine

or is it the rainbow?

Is it vanity

or is it what’s inside of you?

Do you want friendship,

or the relationship?

Do you want the music

or the beat?

Love is something

without the pretty face.

Love is nothing without

the personality.

Love is what’s inside of you;

not the vanity.

Love is about the relationship,

in your friendship.

Love is about the music

that goes through your heart;

your mind gets blank,

when you pass by that person.

Your heart gets full of happiness,

all the way.

Your stomach gets

full of butterflies.

You can’t stop thinking

about that specific


Love is that powerful.

Is love a huge part of

your life?

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