Student Poster Humbles Humanity


Sometimes wisdom
comes in small packages.
In the case of Flor,
wisdom comes
in a 4 ft.  package.

Q POSTER Flor jpeg
Yes, it is quite a challenge
(and honor!)
teaching such a mind.

Find a free pdf here for
decoration, discussion,
or informative graffiti.


2014 Student-Created Quotes

2014 Submit-A-Quote Winners

1st Place
Don’t make fun of others.
God didn’t laugh when he made you.
>Flor Galindo<
4th Grade, Salinas Elementary, SBCUSD

2nd Place
The darkness is how you follow,
the light is how you lead.
>Alana Allard<
4th Grade, Seneca Elementary, MVUSD

3rd Place
It is not easy to do something,
but it feels better to have accomplished it.
>Saida Diaz<
6th Grade, Norton Elementary, SBCUSD

Honorable Mentions

“Our secret weapon are our minds”
Kyler Dorsey, Salinas Elementary

“If you gain a little,
save it up and you will earn something big.”
Ivan Jimenez. Seneca Elementary

“God gave me feet,
so I decided to walk them toward my dreams.”
Natalia Prandini, Seneca Elementary

“Those who sleep through life
will awaken to failure.”
Adrew Almada, Salinas Elementary

And the Winners Are…


Congratulations to the winners of the 5th Annual Quotationals Quote Bee!

1st Place
Samar Farooqi
Seneca Elementary, MVUSD

2nd Place
Andrew Almada
Salinas Elementary, SBCUSD

3rd Place
MaryAn Gutierrez
Salinas Elementary, SBCUSD

You are true poet-warriors!



Top 10s: Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes

Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes for Socratic discussion.

Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes for Socratic discussion.



Fine a pdf of these wonderful quotes for Socratic discussion here.


Top 10s: Charles Bukowski Quotes


Sure, he may be rough
& vulgar.
Like the pot-ridden face
that inspired his work.

Bukowski is our pain,
our solitude.
Few carry sorrow
-shrouded in wisdom-
as he.

Bukowski is proof that
even the lowest
of of our lot
has a world of beauty

Top 10s Bukowski FIN JPG

Enjoy the free pdf here.






Documentary Part I: SCIPP Poetry Project




What do you get when you mix wild kids,
wilder parents,
wilder-er grad students,
and the wildest-est teachers & prof?

Obviously problems with
the comparative and superlative,
but also a recipe
for a new type of learning!


Special thanks to Alex Avila,
the media mastermind
behind it all.





Quotes About Your Family (Video)




Does this sound like your family?:

Having a place to go – is a home.
Having someone to love – is a family.
Having both – is a blessing.
> Donna Hedges <

How about this one then?:

Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.

We have the entire spectrum covered.

Filming Poetry at SCSUSB

Here are some pics of SCIPP students recording their poetry and writing for an upcoming video.


KVCR TV Interviews SCIPP Creators



Students & Coyotes: Instruction in Poetry and Prose,
or S.C.I.P.P.,
is what public education
can become.

On a college campus!
Working alongside graduate students!
Writing poetry and prose!
With Los Madres next door 
debating college, parenting, and community!
En Espanol!

It is here
the world of the K-12 student
leaves a fear-based curriculum
to create, critique, share
at Cal State San Bernardino.

And it all started with a simple
conversation between a few teachers.

Please enjoy the video above
and write a comment below.


Special thanks to Professor Delgado
and the MFA mentors
for seeing that giving back
is among the most useful of lessons.