Socratic Circles: The Second Best Tool for Teaching


The first is the cattle prod.

The true father of education.

A teacher that was sentenced to death for
“corrupting the youth”.
A man that practically created pedagogy
and the probable inventor of
the toga party.

Know what?!
You too can cause
intellectual celebration and self-destruction
in your very own classroom!

I present…
The Socratic Circle.
The Socratic Seminar.
Cultural Circles.



Above is a sampling by
Grand Master Teacher Larry Light
using quotes about Gandhi
to demonstrate character analysis.
However, anything may be used
to push discussion along
including art, articles, & poetry.

This is the bread and butter and jam
of Quotationals lessons.
THE best tool to connect
kids, families, and community.

A copy of the Gandhi quotes can be found here.
A copy of the follow-up Gandhi Non-Test can be found here.
A copy of Common Core Standards can be found here.

Now, go question.