Lexicongraphers are dreamy…



Yes, it is true.
I fancy the nerdy femme fatales.
How could you not?!

The glasses.
The nomenclature.
Their virtues as a scrabble partner…

But I digress!
This little tasty video is about words.
Beautiful words.
We all use them.
Make them.
Fear them.

But fret not!
You can control these terrifying teamings of phonemes.
You can even make up your own!


See?!, I just made one!:
PoopleDabble = n. little lies used by “experts” to justify their expertise.  Ronald used a fair amount of PoopleDabble to justify the $1o,ooo he spent on his teaching credential.

Double dactyl, yo.

So enjoy this video from Erin McKean (more like Erin McDreamy-wink, wink)
and expand all of our vocabularies by making new vocabulary.





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